ROACH-EASE  - £3.50 (Inc. UK postage)


The Roach-Ease can be used as pokey and then to insert you filter into your rollups.


Made from Aluminium it is precision engineered to high British Standards and machined on a lathe. It has been anodised in black gloss which is very hard wearing which gives it a cool funky look. 






1. Initially make your rollup and use the Roach-Ease as a pokey to prepare your roach end. Press the plunger as shown and the pokey is extracted.

When you release the plunger it automatically retracts backwards forced back by the spring.  



2. Then roll your filter paper around the pokey and slowly release the plunger head while pushing the filter inside the cavity. The spring automatically retracts the pokey inside. The roach filter and pokey are now safely protected inside the tube.





3. Then your ready to insert the filter into your rollup. Once inserted press the plunger and the filter will eject.  








4.  Use the pokey rod to finally adjust and spread out your filter when fitted.